The Real Freddy Zapp!



Not content to being just a DJ, Freddy learned fire-eating and escapology to further wow his audiences. He spent six months in the USA meeting many characters, watching the top acts in the States and also making, and fronting an advertisement for a MTV!

Lord Sutch and Freddy sharing a room at a gigOn his return to the UK Freddy met a man who was to be a major influence. The late great Screaming Lord Sutch persuaded Freddy
to enter yet another a member of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party! Freddy has stood in 3 general elections & 5 town council elections for the Loony party.

During the 90s Freddy continued to build up his stage show to include Glam Rock Tributes, Rock and Roll Shows, Showaddywaddy and much more!

Wherever you go in Cornwall and beyond, when you say the name Freddy Zapp it brings a smile to the faces of many people. The
same people who will venture out in all weathers to be entertained by the one and only Freddy Zapp!

Freddy's story continues, the man who never stops looking for new ideas has now added comedy routines to his list of achievements. The man who keeps Cornwall entertained looks set to keep us laughing for many years to come.



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