The Real Freddy Zapp!



When Freddy was touring the States he met one of his idols. The outrageous Screamin' Jay Hawkins certainly set a spell on Freddy Zapp!

Both have been well known for wowing their audiences, but unlike Screamin' Jay, Freddy doesn't have over 70 children. If you know differently email us now!

While he was in the States Freddy would search the record shops from top to bottom searching for classic and elusive titles from the music world of the past. As a result Freddy's record collection includes some of the best and rarest tunes out.

Freddy has worked with loads of top name entertainers and interviewed many for his BBC local radio show. Stars include top Elvis impersonator Liberty Mounten, Emile Ford in the early 90s, and the list goes on!

At his home Freddy enjoys stepping back in time listening to his many old 45's, LPs and mini-disks. He owns two jukeboxes which are stocked full of great rock and roll cuts from Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Elvis and many more!



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