The Real Freddy Zapp!




Freddy grew up in Cornwall during the 60s and was heavily influenced by the music of the time. "My dream was always to become an entertainer," remembers Freddy. "I grew up at the time when everybody wanted to be in a beat group."

Freddy at SchoolThe young Freddy may have been enthusiastic but his careers officer wasn't!

"I told him I wanted to be a drummer in a band. But he told me to stop wasting my time and to get a proper job."

It was around 17 years later that Freddy finally realised his dream. A DJ let his cousin down for a party and Freddy stood in at last minute.


"The moment I got up there I just loved it," remembers Freddy.

"It took me all those years from leaving school to get into entertainment," he smiles. "Most people are getting ready to retire
from the game at the age I started!"



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